Women Wage Peace

Vivian Haaretz

Vivian Silver, a peace activist, is missing

Early Saturday morning Vivian wrote to say that terrorists had infiltrated the kibbutz and entered her home.
She hid behind a cupboard door.
And since 11:07 – silence. A deafening silence.
Vivian is missing. Probably abducted into Gaza.
Vivian Silver, member of kibbutz Be’eri, central activist of Women Wage Peace and renowned peace activist in many other organizations, has been transporting ailing Gazans from the border checkpoint to Israeli hospitals for years now. Humanist, peace loving, determined, wise and steadfast Vivian. She is now a hostage.
Like Vivian there are dozens of women, men, girls and boys, children, and elderly. All captured and held by Hamas. All have names and faces, all are loved by mothers, sisters, sons and fathers, family members now deathly anxious.
We pray for their safe return.
We call on whoever is holding the hostages and all those who can act and impact: keep Vivian and all the hostages safe, and return them all safely home!
Marching in Jerusalem[/caption]
Some Media Coverage of Vivil Silver and other Peace activists who where kidnapped to Gaza: 

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