Women Wage Peace

Mothers’ Call

We, Palestinian and Israeli women from all walks of life, are united in the human desire for a future of peace, freedom, equality, rights, and security for our children and the next generations.

We believe that the majority of the people of our nations also share our mutual desire. Therefore, we demand that our leaders listen to our call and promptly begin peace talks and negotiations, with a determined commitment to achieving a political solution to the long and painful conflict, within a limited timeframe.

We call on the peoples of both nations – Palestinian and Israeli, and peoples of the region to join our call and demonstrate their support for the resolution of the conflict.

We call on the women of the world to stand by us for a future of peace and security, prosperity, dignity and freedom for ourselves, our children, and the people of the region.

We call on people of peace from around the world, both young and old, religious leaders, people of influence, community leaders, educators, and those who hold this issue close to their hearts, to add their voices to our call.

We invite our leaders to heed the voice and will of the peoples in this call to resolve the conflict and achieve an inclusive, just peace. We are committed to taking an active role in the negotiation process until its successful resolution, in line with UN Resolution 1325.

We call on our leaders to show courage and vision to bring about this historical change, to which we all aspire. We join hands in determination and partnership to bring hope back to our peoples.