Women Wage Peace

The Organization

WWP – the organization


WWP is composed of various divisions of teams.

  • The all-volunteer Regional Teams are responsible for regional on-the-ground activities.
  • The all-volunteer Mission-Specific Teams include Digital Operations, Foreign Relations, Diversity, and many more. One of these voluntary teams has set up the connection with Women of the Sun (WOS), our Palestinian sister movement, and closely coordinates all joint activities.
  • The all-volunteer “Team of One Hundred” is composed of the core activists and long ago exceeded that number. This team advises and elects a Steering Committee of four volunteers with the final responsibility for major, movement-wide decisions.
  • As WWP began to grow exponentially, the need for some full-time management emerged. Today there are two Co-Directors and one Administrative Coordinator in paid positions.

As a registered Israeli non-profit organization, WWP also maintains a board of directors with ultimate fiduciary responsibility, and retains an external accountant as well as a PR agency.