Women Wage Peace

Action Plan

We are at a critical crossroads. Various developments in the Middle East and in the world (the Abraham Accords, the new administration in Washington) have created a potential window of opportunity which we are determined to leverage.

Our commitment

We commit to bringing the crucial issue of peace to the “top of the list” of the public’s priorities, by intensifying the movement’s presence and messages in mainstream and social media.

We work with key decision makers so that our proposed Political Alternatives First Bill will be enacted into a law.

Together with Women of the Sun, our Palestinian sister movement, we will strengthen support for a peace accord among both our peoples, eliciting broad-based international support. 

We continue to promote peace between us and our neighbors.

Throughout the entire process, we will continuously advocate for the active participation of women to ensure its success.

Our Action Plan

Women of the Sun and the Mothers’ Call

Women of the Sun, our Palestinian sister movement in the West Bank and Gaza, have begun to work top-down and bottom-up advocating for a political resolution to the conflict. Together, we formulated the Mothers’ Call in which we call upon leaders on both sides to begin negotiations for the sake of the future of our children.

Political Alternatives First Bill

Our Political Alternatives First Bill was introduced in the Knesset and has been tabled for discussion by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation. If passed, it will obligate the government to consider political options on an ongoing basis before initiating a military operation, thereby radically changing the way in which life-and-death decisions are taken in our country.

Civilian Cabinet in the Gaza Envelope

Our Civilian Cabinet in the region bordering the Gaza Strip brought together diverse local leadership with Members of Knesset. In addition to drawing attention to the heavy price exacted for the continuation of the conflict, we stressed the importance of advancing a political agreement.

Countering Barriers to Peace

Movement activists are implementing the model to counter psychological barriers and counter-productive arguments made by decision-makers and the general public that prevent the advancement of peace. This unique model was developed by members of WWP with experts in the field.

Ongoing Actions

Both in the field and virtually, bottom up and top down: we persistently continue our ongoing meetings in the Israeli parliament, our marches, monthly vigils at intersections throughout the country, weekly online programs and webinars interviewing relevant experts in conflict resolution, events for diplomats and more.

And what can you do? 

In order to effectively advance these ambitious plans, and to make the need for peace more strongly heard in public discourse, we need your partnership.

Thank you for your partnership and continued support!