Women Wage Peace

Parliamentary Work

Women Wage Peace is actively participating in various projects in the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset), and we view these activities as a cornerstone of our existence.

“Political Alternatives First” Bill

During 2019, WWP gathered advice and support from security experts and public figures across the political spectrum for its first legislative initiative. Soon after, the Political Alternatives First bill was introduced in the Knesset, requiring national decision-makers in routine times and during emergencies:

  1. to examine political alternatives for resolving conflicts, in coordination with representatives from civil society, before resorting to military options


  2. to allocate time, funds and personnel for detailed examination of political/diplomatic solutions to conflicts of all sizes.

The bill’s sponsors are Labor Party leader Merav Michaeli and MK Emilie Moatti.

Knesset Activism

WWP members color the Knesset in blue and turquoise colors, by participating in Knesset Committees and meeting Members of Parliament. Our message is to fully implement the UN decision 1325 demanding full participation of women in all stretches of life, especially peace and security matters.