Women Wage Peace


US President Biden visits the Middle East

In a joint call, WWP and WOS welcome US President Biden and
demand to put the negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians on his agenda.

Women join forces - official announcement

At the Dead Sea, on 25.3.2022, we, Women Wage Peace and Women of the Sun officially announced our cooperation. We are united in the human desire for a future of peace, freedom, equality rights and security for our children and the next generations.


The Journey to Peace 2022

With the message: Enough! Enough of war, enough of violence! Enough suffering and loss and broken hearts on both sides! The time has come to reach an agreement and bring peace.

WWP at the annual conference of ALLMEP

Our member Vivian Silver speaks on sharing our strategies to promote UN Security Council Resolution 1325 among Israel policymakers.

שרשרת השלום سلسلة السلام The Peace Chain

In May 2021, during one of the endless rounds of flare ups with the Gaza Strip, Women Wage Peace and other civil organizations call for peace, security and equality, outside the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Fokus Jerusalem talks about WWP.

Fokus Jerusalem, a German Christian group based in Jerusalem, talks about WWP. 

Leymah Gbowee - Greetings for Women Wage Peace

Co-receipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Price and early mentor of WWP congratulates WWP for attaining the ECOSOC status, March 24, 2021.

Parliamentary Work

Maybe the next war can be prevented? The bill “Political Alternatives First” is introduced in the Knesset