Women Wage Peace

Piece for Peace

Piece for Peace

Women have been handcrafting for thousands of years, with skills being passed down from generation to generation. This knowledge is still very much a part of life. Women often work in a team, express emotions, feelings, and create beautiful pieces of art. The common artwork brings together women from different walks of life, creating an initial fabric of understanding and common language, developing the desire for peace.

Several years ago, a group of women from WWP started the project “Piece for Peace”. Women from all around the world create patchwork quilts – piece for piece, piece for peace. It serves as an artistic expression of our desire: the people in Israel and Palestine want peace! The quilts become the decorative background for WWP events.

We invite you to join us in creating our peace quilt, piece for peace.

How does it work?

Create and contribute squares that express a message of Peace and Hope. If you organize a group of women and girls to work together, for example during a family or community event, it will be much more fun.

Instructions for the Quilt Squares:

  • Cut a cotton fabric square, size 14” x 14” (35 x 35 cm.)

  • Decorate an area of 12″ x 12″ (30 x 30 cm), with your message of peace and hope with any technique – appliqué, embroidery, glued, beaded, with permanent pens or markers.

  • Sign your name and country in permanent marker in front side.


Mail the finished piece(s) to
The Peace Quilt – S. Caspi, P.B. 113, Kadima-Zoran 6092000, Israel

Please copy and print the following text, fill in the blanks and send it with your piece:

“I am the sole owner of my quilt square and I choose to donate it to “Piece for Peace”, a branch of WWP.

My quilt square is entirely my own design: Yes_____ No_____.
If yes, I grant WWP unrestricted license to use or reproduce my design for any purpose. I understand WWP will do their best to credit the maker wherever possible.

Signature ______________________________


Date_______________________ Email _______________________________________________