Women’s Peace Train / Dr. Paula Rayman, Peacenews, 29.12.14

There is no peace in the Holy Land this year. Underneath the spirit of lighting the Hanukah candles, of walking in prayer along the ancient Via
Delarosa pathway of the Cross, of hearing the call to prayer five times a day from the turrets of the Mosques, is anxiety, even fear. In this land so filled
with conflict for so many decades this winter is particularly difficult. That is why the launch of the women’s peace train is so remarkable.

On Nov. 25 the Women’s Peace Train began near the Lebanese border town of Nahariya and traveled to the town of Sderot near Gaza. The 1,000 women on the train came from across the political spectrum, including Arabs and Jews, the religious and the secular. The Women Wage Peace movement’s objective, according to Michal Shamir, a founding member, is “to convince people there is no alternative to a peace agreement.” The women, moreover, are pushing for implementation of U.N. Resolution 1325, which calls for women to have equal participation in political, economic and social aspects of peace and security negotiations.

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