“Women Wage Peace” at the right address / Marie Lyne Smadja, i24News, July 28th 2015

Mr. Blum’s opinion piece published here last week seeks to demonstrate that Women Wage Peace is addressing its claims at the wrong address. His article is clichéd and lacks credibility. Throughout history, women’s movements were often criticized, but we will apologize no more. Let’s review the content of “our letter” to better judge whether it was sent to the right address.

WWP was created towards the end of Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 by Israelis who want to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians. The women of WWP support the IDF (Israel Defense Forces); they have brothers, husbands and/or children in the army. Most have served in the Israeli army themselves. Which leaves no doubt about their DNA. They suffered from the last war like everyone else in the country, and that is why they are united despite their differences.

For the first time in the history of Israel, thousands of women from across the country, from different political affiliations, Jewish and Arab, secular and religious, immediately joined WWP. We believe that our country is strong militarily, it was established in this region to stay, and it must also be politically and militarily strong. Israel must initiate a process leading to political agreements and the resolution of the conflict – in the interest of our country. Some might retort: “It takes two to tango.” Yes, but in this tango, we much prefer for Israel to lead.

The novelty of a non-partisan citizens movement with a specific common political goal may seem surprising. But for so many years no solution has been found to the deadly conflict, requiring creativity. Other deadly conflicts around the world were successfully resolved through women’s movements: Northern Ireland, Liberia, Colombia, etc … Israeli citizens can be the key, or one of the keys to the solution. Israel theoretically understood this in 2005 by adopting UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (reaffirming the important role of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts). WWP was created to implement the decision.

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