Overcoming the Israeli-Palestinian Psychosocial Barrier / Alon Ben-Meir, The Huffingtonpost, 15.7.15

The article discusses the confidence-building measures, that should be undertaken in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and mentions the importance of women activists organizations  such as Women Wage Peace to the peace process.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu’s and Palestinian Authority President Abbas’ presumed public commitment to a two-state solution means little unless they begin toundertake confidence-building measures to demonstrate their real intentions. In fact, even if they really believe in what they state and negotiate to reach an agreement, they will fail just like in all previous peace negotiations unless they first prepare their respective publics psychologically by taking such measures. Failing that can only point to their sheer lack of commitment to peaceful coexistence, and no one should be fooled by their empty rhetoric because peace will not be reached without their publics’ support and engagement. ….

Finally, female activism: Civil society should support current efforts by women-led groups such as Women in Black and Women Wage Peace to use their formidable power and make their voices heard. Historically, women have been very powerful as peacemakers; this has been demonstrated in a number of conflicts, including in Northern Ireland and the Balkans.”

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