Operation Protective Fast – Tzom Eitan

Operation Protective Fast
Tzom Eitan

Return to negotiations
July 8 – August 26, 2015
The movement Women Wage Peace was founded after last summer’s war when thousands of Israeli women rose up and said “No more!”
As the one-year mark approaches since Operation Protective Edge began, we call on our government to return to the negotiating table. The war did not bring an end to the conflict nor did it bring us more security. A diplomatic agreement is the only real hope for a secure Israel.
Here’s how we plan to deliver that message this summer: Women Wage Peace will mark the 50 days of last year’s war (July 8 – August 26) with “Operation Protective Fast.” Each day women will fast for 50 hours each (or 25 for those who so choose) in a tent set up across from the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem. Our tent will also be a site for presentations and discussions.
If you live in or expect to be in Israel then, please register to fast, to assist us with logistics, and/ or to lend support to those fasting.
We welcome your signing up for multiple dates.
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We also welcome your financial support via our crowdfunding site:

Join us and help spread our message
Yes to a diplomatic agreement now!

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