Jewish, Arab women establish protest tent outside PM’s residence By Michael Salisbury-Corech, +972 site, July 10, 2015

One year after Operation Protective Edge, a group of 30 women are fasting for the next month to pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu to return to negotiations.

At the entrance to the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem, nearly 30 women are sitting on mattresses, surrounded by banners calling for peace negotiations. One of their shirts reads “Women waging peace and stopping the next war.” Some of them hold signs that read: “Fasting!” Despite the uniform dress, the women come from different backgrounds: some are Arab, some religious, some Mizrahi, others Ashkenazi.

On Thursday, a year after Operation Protective Edge, the “Women Wage Peace” group has built a protest camp outside the prime minister’s residence, calling on the government to return to negotiations with the Palestinians. The movement was established during last year’s war by Israeli and Palestinian women from across the country who are hoping to prevent the next casualties of war. As part of their protest, the women will go on single-day fasts for the duration of 50 days, the length of last year’s war. The decision to fast stems from their desire to show solidarity with the pain and struggle of war, and because fasting requires making sacrifices and steadfastness, much like peace negotiations.

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