Israel women slam wars: Enough is enough / Islamic Invitation Turkey 6.3.15

Israeli women have staged a protest rally in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) to show their anger at the aggressive and criminal attitude of politicians in Tel Aviv toward Palestinians.

According to reports on Friday, thousands of women gathered outside the Israeli parliament, Knesset, in East al-Quds, calling on the regime’s authorities to adopt a peaceful approach to deal with the Palestinian issue.

The protesters carried anti-war placards and chanted, “We choose life” and “We will vote for a peace deal,” referring to the upcoming parliamentary elections due to be held in the occupied Palestinian territories on March 17.

They also lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the regime’s atrocious crimes against Palestinians during the deadly offensive on the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip in 2014.

“We’ve suffered through enough wars,” said a demonstrator, adding, “Among us are women who will raise the next generation of soldiers who will be forced to go to war. It’s enough!”

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