Hungering for peace, women’s movement launches protest fast / Eetta Prince Gibson, Haaretz, 12.7.15

Women Wage Peace started 50-day vigil outside prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem on Wednesday, marking anniversary of last summer’s Gaza war.

Nearly 60 women from the Women Wage Peace movement held a Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony Friday night outside the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem, as part of a 50-day fast to mark the anniversary oflast summer’s Gaza war.

The fast vigil started last Wednesday, and calls on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government to advance peace talks with the Palestinians.

The movement was founded last year in the wake of Operation Protective Edge and was formally established as a nonprofit organization this April. Loosely organized, primarily through social media, the group has more than 12,000 “Likes” on its Facebook page.

According to retired judge Saviona Rotlevi – an internationally regarded expert on children’s and women’s rights, and one of the group’s founders – it is nonpartisan and includes Jews and Arabs, religious and secular women, and is funded by small kind donations.

“We have no intent to form a party or topple the government,” Rotlevi said at the fast. “Our only objective is to convince people there is no alternative to a peace agreement.”

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