EU grant to promote women’s activism for peace

The Steering Committee is pleased to announce the approval of a grant from the EU for a joint project chaired by Itach –Maachi (who runs  Coalition 1325), Adam institution and Women Wage Peace. The amount of the award is 500000Euros for two and a half years (starting February 2016), and the budget is divided evenly between the organizations and the movement. The project, initiated and written by the 3 organizations, will enable us to enlarge the movement and to connect women from different communities and populations to the activity of promoting peace. Adi Katz will direct the project on behalf of the movement.

The goal of the project is to recruit 500 women from different communities (most of whom are not members of Women Wage Peace) and to provide them, a two days, training. That training will deal with themes related to activism, the role of women in conflict resolution, peace processes, utilizing social networks and so on. The training will be provided by the Adam Institute. Each of the participants will commit, upon completing the training, to hold two home seminars on the theme of peace and to become an activist. An example for an activity could be to write an opinion essay in local papers, or in the social networks, to be active in the travelling tent of the movement in her area of residence. It’s important to note that the activism will be pro peace but not aiming to defy the government. The EU is committed not to interfere in Israeli policy and is very cautious not to get involved in activities which could be interpreted as interfering. This is the reason why it doesn’t fund other activities of the movement.

The participants in the training and the activism will become part of an endeavor to promote and embed he UN Resolution 1325. This initiative will involve workshops, round tables, and a media campaign in order promote the implementation of resolution 1325 , led  by Itach-Maachi. The culmination of the project will be signaled by conference, with the participation of the women who received the training.