Don’t ask Abbas and Netanyahu to climb down from the tree / Marie Lyne Smadja, Sept, 30, 2014, i24news

There’s been a spark of hope lately… At the end of 50 days of shared fasting this past summer, we – the women of “Women Wage Peace,” from every part of the country, representing different religions and political views – met with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Prime Minister gave us a clear message to pass on to Mahmoud Abbas, namely that he was “ready to meet with Abbas anywhere, including the Mukataa [the PA’s administrative headquarters in Ramallah], with the goal of returning to the negotiating table without pre-conditions.” Netanyahu repeated this message in a recent speech in London.

At the same time, Abbas declared that he would go back to the UN with the intention of making a unilateral move. The following day would be Netanyahu’s turn to speak to the GA. No doubt for us citizens this story has a strong element of déjà vu.

Abbas’ recent declarations made it ​​clear that he’s climbed a very tall tree. Netanyahu also climbed way out on a limb before the March elections. Now we, the women of Women Wage Peace want them to stay up there. Indeed we’d like them to climb even higher so that they’ll finally reach the very top.

At such a height they might be able to take a deep breath – and a courageous one, that of ethical leaders who can look out and see the common good, not only the small spot where they’ve planted themselves. The time has come for both of them to prove, for a change, that they’re true leaders and not mere talkers.

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