Donate for waging Peace

We’re women who refuse to accept the current stalemate. Founded in the summer of 2014 during Operation Protective Edge, we seek a renewed commitment to the political process, realizing that only a negotiated agreement will bring long-term security to us, to our children, to all residents of Israel. We’re determined. We’re growing. We will persist until we succeed in –
  • Mobilizing public opinion for a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Re-orienting the national agenda to prioritize a diplomatic solution


We’re a mass movement, unaffiliated with any party or ideology. Our door is open to all women who share our vision. We’re mothers of soldiers and mothers of small children, young women, career women, grandmothers, residents of the middle of the country and the periphery, women who identify with the political right, center, and left, Jewish and Arab women, religious and secular women.


We know there exists a quiet majority in Israel who favor a political solution. Following in the footsteps of women around the world who’ve led civil revolutions, we’re raising our collective voice to demand a negotiated solution now, before even more violence erupts again. We strive for grassroots campaigns with high impact. We began with a nationwide rail trip to Sderot by the Gaza border, then a demonstration outside the Knesset at the swearing-in this past spring, and continued to amplify our message at hundreds of traffic intersections throughout the country. During our 50-day Operation Protective Fast outside the prime minister’s home this past summer, hundreds of women fasted in shifts and thousands more – from politicians to tourists to ambassadors to local passersby – eagerly joined the listening circle in our tent. In the past 18 months since our founding, we’ve sat with both Sarah and Benjamin Netanyahu, been invited to the Muqata in Ramallah by Mahmoud Abbas, met with leading women in Palestinian society and with the Palestinian Authority’s Committee for Cooperation with Israeli Society. We’ve also spent the past year strengthening our infrastructure.
We have clear goals and challenges for 2016. We expect to expand the diversity in our movement as well as continue with our field work, holding more screenings of the documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell about the women’s peace movement that ended Liberia’s civil war, hosting parlor meetings, canvassing at intersections, pitching a traveling tent throughout the country (first stop was Sderot), and more. We know that our field work generates media exposure, which in turn helps to get our message into the public’s consciousness.


We’re a movement of volunteers: every member chooses her own spheres of activity and the scope of her involvement. But our rapid growth means we now need to find additional funding beyond the volunteer work done by each of us. A modest contribution from each member will help us greatly. Each donation is of course up to the discretion of the donor. We recommend a contribution of 10 ₪ per month or 120 ₪ paid once annually. Contributors of 5,000 ₪ and above will be designated as Friends of the Movement and contributors of 20,000 ₪ will be designated as Benefactors of the Movement.
  1. here are few ways to donate:


    1. Bank transfer to: 20-461-526278, IBAN: IL980204610000000526278

      • n Israel : through Israel Gives (Choose a donation amount or enter another amount in the box select frequency of donation – for example, 120 ₪/yr or 10 ₪/mo fill in payment details, THEN click on [payment]

      In the USA: Donate here to Women Wage Peace through our American partners at Ameinu.  To make a tax deductible contribution to Women Wage Peace, please choose option 2 (one-time gift) and list WWP in the designation box.