Can Women Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? / The Sisterhood, By Alona Ferber. 21.10.15

For Israelis and Palestinians, October has been a grueling month. The violence we are used to ramped up to include near-daily confrontations, stabbing, car-ramming and shooting attacks. If war-weary civilians on either side of the Green Line were hoping the crisis would bring out strong leadership and some shred of hope, they were very much mistaken. The peace process, frozen since the last U.S.-mediated talks in 2013, remains well and truly on ice.

By sheer coincidence, as we go one more round of our tragic death dance, the UN has been marking the 15th anniversary of a landmark Security Council resolution on peace, or more specifically, women and peace. UNSC resolution 1325, passed in 2000, calls “to increase representation of women at all decision-making levels in [countries and institutions] … and in mechanisms for prevention, management, and resolution of conflict.” Last week, the UN held a day of debate on 1325, and released a global study on its implementation

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