WOMEN WAGE PEACE is setting up camp around the country


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WOMEN WAGE PEACE is setting up camp around the country; Sderot will be the first to host us in conjunction with the Sderot Conference on Society at Sapir College.

 Everyone’s invited to the Sderot City Plaza, Nov 24 – 25,  from 4  – 10 pm (Hanassi 1).

At this difficult moment, Women Wage Peace(WWP) is pitching its tent throughout Israel, intending to create dialogue, through respectful listening and shared thinking, that addresses the need to find a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The first day, Nov 24, will feature discussion circles with an emphasis on women, leadership, and Judaism as well as performances from “Lysistrata” by the actress Hava Ortman [Grandmother Alegria in the TV series Zaguri Empire] and an appearance by a musical ensemble.

The second day, Nov 25, coinciding with the 15th annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, will emphasize the topic of women and security – personal, communal, and national security – with the participation of Attorney Yehudit Uliel Malka, Deputy Mayor of Sderot and Chair-woman of Naamat for the Ashkelon region.

According to Ora Levy, one of the project’s leaders, “The need for and responsibility of finding a solution belongs to all of us.  Therefore members of Women Wage Peace have been doing everything in their power to conduct structured dialogues with women (and men) from all parts of the country that give them the chance to speak out loud and clear for action that will resolve the conflict.”

Actress Hava Ortman, another of the project’s leaders, notes that “members come from every social sector and every part of the political spectrum. Together we’re trying to reach every part of the country in order to foster thinking about the responsibility we have as women living in Israel to promote a lasting solution. We believe that women add a unique voice that can succeed in getting the attention of our leaders to do everything, but everything, to bring the conflict to an end. In this way we’ll be able to give our children both hope and real security.”

Come one and all to a unique conversation between women who are taking upon themselves the responsibility and obligation to work for changes in today’s reality on behalf of future generations.

for additional information, please contact Ayelet Harel ayelet@geshem.co.il   052-2580158