To fast or not to fast and why? / Zelda Harris, Times of Israel blogs. 15.7.15

Its not easy to fast for 50 hours.On Yom Kippur we fast for 25 and we are usually in an air conditioned home or shul at least a peaceful environment. Even sitting in Hayarkon Park, the whirring of the bikes is kind of soothing. It’s a special day recognised by almost all the Jewish inhabitants of Israel one way or another.

Fasting in a flimsy tent on the pavement opposite the gracious residence of our Prime Minister is another scene, entirely.

The members of Women Wage Peace, whose movement came into being soon after the TSUK EITAN war in Gaza in the summer of 2014, started a 50 day symbolic fast and vigil last Wednesday July 8th, the anniversary of that campaign from which we are still licking our wounds.

Read Women Wage Peace member, Zelda Harris, impressions from Tzom Eitan tent