The Peace Guards

Translated by Orna Raz

As the knives Intifada refuses to cease, many women feel that they cannot remain silent any longer. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked in Tel Aviv , Yair Lapid in Tel Aviv and in front of the home of Transportation Minister Israel Katz in Kfar Achim. Women from Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givataim have been standing every Friday, for  over 3 months in the entrance to Ha’carmel Market in Tel Aviv to talk to passers by about the movement and about peace

משמרות שקד2

Orly Haklai shared her impressions from the Guard in Tel Aviv:

On Friday morning, my dear son, who is a combat soldier, came home for Shabbat. I made him an omelet, left him on the sofa and travelled with my partner from Meitar to the north of Tel Aviv to stand in the Peace Guards with my friends from Women Wage Peace. It was hard for me to leave Guy, whom I haven’t seen for two whole weeks, but I told myself that my trip would be more helpful for  him than washing his uniform.  As we were standing in front of the house of the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, suddenly I saw a young lean brunette with sun glasses, no hairdo, no make-up, holding the hand of a little boy. For a moment I thought that she was another activist from our Movement, but then I realized  that it was the Minister. She asked what we were doing there and I explained that it was for our children. She introduced her little son Uri. So I told her, “Ok you too are a mother and you should reach an agreement for your son and the rest of the children as well because they deserve to live in peace, enough with the wars, they deserve to live.”  I told her about the Movement and about our demand to the leaders to do the outmost to reach an agreement. She mumbled something about having no partner for talks, I explained that there was a partner, and that the conflict won’t end until we talk. Some minutes later she got into her car and drove off. Just another mother in black jeans, with no make-up  on Friday afternoon.  But perhaps we provided that mother, who happens to be our Minister of Justice some food for thought

משמרת שלום -בנט