Netanyahu to Peace Activists: I’m Ready to Go to Ramallah to Meet With Abbas / Barak Ravid Sep 01, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of activists from the “Women Wage Peace” group that he supports a two-state solution and is ready to travel to Ramallah immediately if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agrees to meet with him.
Four leaders of the peace movement took part in the meeting. The group’s members took turns taking part in a 50-day hunger strike in front of Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem. The aim of the strike was to call him to renew the peace process with the Palestinians. Those present at the meeting were retired judge Saviona Rotlevy, Milana Yaari, Amal Abu Rihan Ramada and Ayelet Harel.

A few weeks ago representatives of the movement met with the prime minister’s wife Sara, who told them that they should protest in from of Abbas’ house in Ramallah because he is the one responsible for the impasse in the peace process.

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