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Peace Journey 2022 – Impressions

Impressions from part of our events of our Peace Journey 2022

15.9.22 Akko

Hundreds of women (and men) from all around the country, together with Women of the Sun from the West Bank, were in Akko, to launch The Journey to Peace 2022. There was so much energy on stage and in the audience in Hebrew and in Arabic, singing and dancing – with one message: Enough! Enough war; enough violence, enough suffering, enough fatalities. The time has come to sit down and talk.

19.9.22 – Jerusalem

What is the connection between the peace process , tolerance and empathy?
About 30 women from Women Wage Peace met at the FELM Center in Jerusalem – another station of the Journey to Peace 2022. We talked about the partnership with our sister organization, the Palestinian movement “Women of the Sun” and about many other developments over the past year. We listened to a fascinating lecture by Lily Halperin on Tolerance, Love and Hope based on her approach “What are the Possibilities?” Everyone thought about relationships – from the personal to the political.
21.9.22 International Peace Day – Jisr A Zarka
How are you, my sister?
This is what we asked each other at a meeting yesterday at Jisr A Zarka with women from the village, Women of the Sun and Women Wage Peace.
Rim , from the Dahaisha refugee camp said: “I hope to be as free as the bird which is the symbol of Women of the Sun. ”
Orna from Caesaria said: “ We must break down the wall between Caesaria and Jisr A Zarka and between Beit Jalla and Jerusalem”.
We marked the International Day of peace at a unique bi-lingual event , learning about the history of Jisr A Zarka, the local foods and the sea . We concluded the event with a joint prayer on the beach at Jisr: the time has come for peace to become a reality, and not just a day of hope.
9.10.22 Tekoa
Women Wage Peace reach out to religious women at the West Bank settlement of Tekoa in a bid to find common ground. The meeting was described by Eetta Prince Gibson, in her blog on Plus 61J media:
11.10.22 Meiser
Inauguration of a Monument for Peace on the Path to Peace on the road between Metzer and Meiser – cooperative event of Jews and Arabs
12.10.22 Western Negev – Gaza border
How can walls be broken down?
While tensions are mounting our Journey to Peace reached the western Negev, the area bordering Gaza.
We started out at Kerem Shalom; a wall separates it from Gaza. We heard from the people who live there; we drew doves of peace on the wall with the hope that they can fly past the wall and bring peace back with them.
From there we saw the walls of Yamit, the symbol of the price of peace, but also of the hope that is possible.
We concluded the day at The Black Arrow; in small groups we heard from residents of the region. We also sang with Yael Decklebaum and Meera Eilabouni.

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