Women Wage Peace

Partnership Pact

Partnership Pact

The Palestinian movement Women of the Sun and the Israeli movement Women Wage Peace agree to work together with determination, persistence and mutual respect in order to bring about the end to the long and bloody conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

This is a historical partnership of women which aims to encourage both sides to support a peaceful resolution of the conflict and to bring the leaders of both sides back to the negotiation table in order to sign an agreement which would ensure freedom, peace and security to women and men on both sides and to our children and future generations.

After over 100 years of conflict which for the most part was managed by men, Israeli and Palestinian women say “enough” and leading a courageous and focused move which is planned and coordinated so that the leaders of both sides will begin negotiations during 2023 for the purpose of reaching an honorable and mutually accepted agreement to end the conflict.

The partnership is based on these principles: The two movements work as sisters in a joint project to achieve peace; at the same time each movement is registered as an independent movement with complete autonomy towards its own public and decision makers.

Our joint vision is reflected in “The Mothers’ Call” which was formulated together after much thought; it is the platform for cooperation and for inviting others to join our efforts.

The partnership, alongside the independence of each movement, allows for finding the most suitable way to bring each community into the project. We will hold a series of powerful, joint events until the end of 2023, the purpose of which is to demonstrate our strength as women, mothers, sisters and Israeli and Palestinian citizens.

We are working to change the situation because we are all partners for peace.

Details of the joint project will be defined in accordance with existing conditions, while respecting the needs, challenges and capabilities of each movement. Throughout the duration of the project, we will continue to strengthen the ties between the two movements in order to get to know each other on a deeper level and to build bridges to peace.

Both movements are not affiliated with any particular party and strive to enlist support from diverse communities in order to attain as much public support as possible.

We know that every organization which joins us is significant and that every woman and mother who joins us adds strength and hope. We speak a connecting and respectful language; the concern for the future of our children and the deep understanding that the time has come for women to become leaders are the basis of the invitation to join us. They enable us to overcome differences in perceptions and opinions.

We acknowledge the tremendous responsibility on our shoulders and work together on the basis of trust, honesty, respect, and deep attention to the needs of each of us and the communities we represent. We assume that everyone has good intentions, and even if we make mistakes, we trust one another; we are open and honest with each other and try to relate, as a group, to the problems which arise.

Our shared goal is what unites us and motivates us to dedication, persistence and determination. The responsibility we feel for the future of our children enables us to move forward despite the difficulties.