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Kefaia Aiaite and Judith Gilbert represented WWP in Spain

Angela Scharf and Judith Gilbert, who are part of the foreign relations team of Women Making Peace, were invited to the home of the Spanish ambassador, and she connected them with Israel Donto from Centro Sefarad Israel, who is engaged in public diplomacy and works to bring the cultures closer together.

The joint activity of Jewish and Palestinian women working to promote a political agreement is intriguing and inspires hope in the world. The relationship created resulted in an invitation to be a guest and tell our story before the national media and local communities.

Our representatives, Judith Gilbert and Kaifaya Aiaite came to the EFE news agency and met with key people in the Spanish news desk - Charo Gasca - International news Desk Director, José Manuel Sanz Mingote Chief Editor, Patricia Rodríguez Blanco - El Pais to tell about the establishment of Women Making Peace, About the goals of the movement and how we work to achieve them.

In our world plans and reality are separate. Judith (formerly from Spain), who initiated and organized the visit, suddenly discovered that she was sick with Corona, and Kefaia arrived alone to an important meeting with Maria Jesús Conde Zabala, the Spanish Ambassador who coordinates feminist politics in the European Union. Kefaia found herself speaking in the basic Spanish she knew, using Google Translate and trying to pronounce new words when Julia supports the conversation with the help of WhatsApp video...

The ties of affection and concern for each other between the two women who came from Israel - the religious Arab Kefaia, and the secular Jewish Judith, surprised and moved the Sephardim, for whom Israel = wars and hatred. 
Yes, this is how our lives look through the news and networks. When they heard about the relationship created with the Palestinian Women of the Sun and the joint activity between the two movements, they told the guests that they changed the image they had of Israel and planted new hope in them.

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