Women Wage Peace

Joint event of Women Wage Peace and Women of the sun


Thousands of women from the Israeli movement “Women Wage Peace” and the Palestinian movement “Women of the Sun” held a mass event with this message:

“We, Palestinian and Israeli mothers, are determined to stop the vicious cycle of bloodshed and to change the reality of the difficult conflict between both nations, for the benefit of our children”

  • The event took place on October 4th in Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea
  • The event was attended by diplomats and world renown influencers

Thousands of women from the Israeli movement “Women Wage Peace” and the Palestinian movement “Women of the Sun” held a joint event on October 4th demanding to end the cycle of bloodshed and to promote “The Mothers’ Call” which was formulated by both movements and calls on peoples of both nations – Palestinian and Israeli, and peoples of the region to join our call and demonstrate their support for the resolution of the conflict.

The event begun at the separation wall at the Bethlehem checkpoint. From there the women moved to the promenade of “Armon Hanatziv” in Jerusalem where diplomats and world renown influencers demonstrated their support. 

The highlight of the day took place at the “Neve Midbar beach” at the Dead Sea.

An exhibit of Peace Quilts was exhibited on the fence, behind which the main rally took place. The round table which was part of Sigalit Landau’s artistic installation at the Biennale in 2011, was at the center of the stage, symbolizing the negotiation table. 

Palestinian and Israeli representatives as well as diplomats and other public figures who came especially for this event, sat around the table. The women announced the establishment of a joint force to voice their concern for the fate of their children as well as the need for reconciliation and a non-violent resolution to the conflict.

 Reem Hajajri, one of the leaders of “Women of the Sun”: “The journey to peace is long and full of challenges. We maintain our strength and determination as more and more women join the movement, women who want to protect their children and prevent them from being the next victim.  We started out as a movement with a few lone women and now we are thousands from the West Bank and Gaza.  We no longer take the back seat and are determined to act persistently to end the cycle of bloodshed and to achieve freedom and a just, honorable life for Palestinian and Israeli children”.

Yael Admi, one of the founders and leaders of “Women Wage Peace”: “This is a historical partnership of two women’s movements who will not cease to voice their demands that the leadership of both sides promote a peace agreement and ensure a future of peace, security and freedom for both nations. Since the founding of this partnership and the formulation of the “The Mothers’ Call”, more and more young and mature women have joined us, have decided to stop being silent and are trying to create a new path.  It is time for courageous leaders to generate hope for a better future for our children”.

Main Speakers in Jerusalem:

  • Stephanie Hallett, Chargé d’Affaires, US Embassy Jerusalem
  • Sonya McGuinness, Ambassador designate, Irish Embassy in Israel
  • Eva Biaudet, Member of Parliament, Finland
  • Viviane Teitelbaum, Member of Regional Parliament, Belgium; Deputy Chair of the Committee on Equality between men and women; Vice-President, European Women’s Lobby

Main Speakers at the dead sea:

  • Maria Velasco, Deputy Head of Mission, Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNWRA)
  • Loubna Amhair, Former Member of Parliament, Morocco; MENA representative for the international network of Liberal Women
  • Major General (R) Kristin Lund, Norwegian Army and former Head of Mission/Chief of Staff United Nations Truce Supervision Organization

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