Women Wage Peace

International Support

International Support

WWP supporter groups are active worldwide, spreading the word of our activities for peace. We seek help to promote our Mothers’ Call – a year-long series of collaborative orchestrations by Israeli-Palestinian women, joined by women worldwide. 

We are currently broadening our network of supporter groups. In several countries local groups have already been established. We are looking for women to lead supporter groups in the USA. These groups can do a lot to spread the word about WWP and our partnership with Women of the Sun (WOS).

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to support peace:

  • make our voices heard! We are Israeli and Palestinian mothers demanding a future for our children and grandchildren here. Sign our Mothers’ Call. You can help us reach the goal of adding several million signatures from women worldwide.
  • tell the world about WWP and WOS, one parlor meeting or other small, intimate event at a time
  • engage local politicians, community leaders, social influencers, journalists, and others in a discussion about the Israeli hostages still in Hamas captivity.
  • follow us on social media and share our messaging on all your social media outlets
  • donate – we face so much more peace-building in the days to come, to include training women to take their mandated seat in all aspects of peace-making leading up to the final negotiating table

If you are interested in joining a support group, please contact:


Coordinadora para países hispanoparlantes (Spanish speaking countries)
Adriana Potel +54 9 3544 30 1744 Correo: adrianapotel@gmail.com

Melinda Jones +61 411 039 976 Mail: melindajones613@gmail.com

WWP Canadian Supporters Organizing Group
Mail: womenwagepeacecanada@gmail.com

Ute Maria Büenfeld  +49 157 8797 4042 Mail: Utemaria.bueenfeld@mailbox.org
Ela Elmendorf (Berlin)  +49 159 0118 6979 Mail: g.elmendorf@gmx.de

United Kingdom
Rabbi Lee Wax +44 7791 734774 lee@leewax.com

In addition, members of WWP’s Foreign Relations team are available to consult with your group to customize events and projects promoting solidarity while suiting both your locale and target population. 
Contact: internationalrelations@womenwagepeace.org.il


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