Women Wage Peace

A woman waging peace: Rita Brodnick

This is the beauty of community: we’re all a little different and are still able to work together,” claims WWP member Rita Brodnick. Born in Latvia a few years before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, her family emigrated to Israel when she was 10 years old. They settled in Ramla, a mixed Jewish/Arab town only ten miles from Tel Aviv, which no doubt gave her an affinity for multi-national and multi-cultural life.


Today, Rita, 41, is a social activist and entrepreneur who holds degrees in youth care and promotion and in special education. As an immigrant child in Ramla, she searched for an identity and a sense of belonging. In retrospect, she realizes how little the community offered in terms of either one. “That’s why,” she explains, “in my early professional years I co-founded Pishka, a non-profit organization that opened a window to questions of belonging and identification.” Rita next worked for Micropay, a financial empowerment project designed to help women from underprivileged populations in Southern Tel Aviv to achieve economic independence through entrepreneurship. It was the first time Rita was exposed to the natural mutual support that prevails between many women.

In 2018 Rita became operations coordinator for WWP. “I connected with the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit of the movement. I met a flexible organization that knows how to respond to changing needs. I was enthusiastic about the idea of a grassroots movement guided and driven by female volunteers who want to lead it together, and I realized that there is no other body in the local landscape, apart from WWP, that makes the connection between security, co-existence and women’s ability to influence.”

Serving in that capacity until 2021, she now continues as a WWP volunteer, helping to make activist channels of action accessible to young women with the help of experienced mentors. “You locate a problem that bothers you, disturbs you, and then you ask: What can I do to solve it? Whom to join? I believe in doing things that involve people getting together in marathon endeavors until the white smoke comes out.”

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