Black/Israeli/Palestinian Lives Matter / Orna Raz, The Time of Israel

Soon after the murder of the two African Americans, Michael Brown and Eric Garner, at the hands of the police, we were walking one night in New York City and came across a demonstration. The protesters were chanting “Black Lives Matter.” At that time, December 2014, there were many similar street protests, against police brutality toward black people, especially young black men.

Black Lives Matter started on social media, in 2013, with the use of the hashtag  #BlackLivesMatter. It has turned into an international activist movement which campaigns against violence toward black people.

Within Israeli society we also hear from Israeli parents about their inability to control their kids. One  example is the extreme case of the Hill-Top Youth in the settlements. Only recently we were shocked  to hear, from parents, the inside story of those youth who live outside society on the hills of the occupied territories and are engaged in risky behaviors and commit serious crimes against Palestinian.

Whether they are Black, Israelis or Palestinians young people would benefit from internalizing the message that life matters. Moreover, it is time to replace the old heroic motto with a new one which insists that it is preferable to live for our country than to die for it.

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