Women Wage Peace

Mission Statement

Women Wage Peace is a broad, politically unaffiliated movement, which is acting to prevent the next war and to promote a non-violent, respectful, and mutually accepted solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with the active participation of women through all stages of negotiations.


The movement Women Wage Peace functions on the basis of these ten principles:


All actions serve to further the two goals of the movement, a negotiated agreement ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with full participation of women in all aspects of peace making and ensuring security. Thus member(s) must present a rationale for every activity she/they wish to include in WWP’s yearly program.


We refrain from criticism including criticism of political leaders, and support positive action directed toward negotiation of a peaceful resolution of the conflict. This approach is based on the belief that action to further a political agreement is both possible and beneficial for the future of Israel.


We are non-partisan; the movement’s purpose is to create a consensus among the majority of Israeli citizens, regardless of their political affiliations or loyalties, in the belief that we all have common interests, desires and needs for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. We do not, therefore, support any political party or individual identified with any party and we do not campaign on behalf of any individual or party.


Women lead the movement although it is a civil society initiative open to both women and men. We believe that (1) women still remain, generally speaking, a missing cohort in the political arena, (2) that women’s leadership must be actively cultivated, and (3) that women have a unique contribution to make in the creation of public accord and in the processes of negotiation.


Pragmatism is key. WWP is not an ideological movement; its members reflect diverse ideologies. What is common, however, to all members is the belief that an agreement that is respected and accepted by both sides will meet the diverse needs of Israeli society. Thus despite members’ differences, all are ready, willing and interested in cooperating in order to reach their common goal.


WWP recognizes the need for diverse voices and is committed to the idea that the more partners there are in the process of reaching an agreement, the greater the chances of achieving a long-lasting peace that unifies rather than divides. Based on this principle, the movement actively approaches diverse populations in order to understand their needs and reservations (in relation to a peace agreement) and the ways in which these groups feel it is best to proceed.  WWP does not make use of a single formula or method to interest Israelis in reaching an accord nor does it try to persuade anyone of a single truth.  


WWP is a grassroots movement committed to the idea that people tend to join a broad social movement and contribute their time on its behalf not because of the personalities involved but because of its objectives and principles. In keeping with women’s tendency to privilege relationships over abstract notions of justice or hierarchical notions of merit or power, the movement sees all members as equal, with all roles and functions open to all members. Roles which demand more responsibility are rotated based on members’ interests in fulfilling those roles. Each member is significant and valued and can be part of the decision-making process.


“You suggest it – you implement it.”   [The phrase rhymes in Hebrew; an English approximation would be  “she who proposes, disposes.” With no hierarchy or division between those who suggest and those who implement suggestions – and in order to encourage women to take responsibility and to develop leadership skills – anyone who suggests an idea is expected to implement it with the help of fellow members if it is in keeping with the movement’s strategic goals for the year. 


The movement opposes and condemns all forms of violence whether physical or verbal.


The movement operates within the bounds of the law at all times.